School and Life have taken up all of my time. I will eventually find my way back here to blog, but not for a while still. In the mean time, I have taken up photography as a way to relieve stress when the lab is destroying my mind. If you’re interested, please check out my gallery at https://secure.flickr.com/photos/ffejery .

Until Later,

– Jeffery

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Here is a thing that I made

NyanCat: 555 Timer Edition! Derived from the original while waiting for friends to make dinner. You’re welcome, Internets. You’re welcome. :D

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Oh look, a blog post

I have been quite busy with courses for months now, and haven’t had much time or content to post here. However, I have recently decided to start pretending to be a photographer, and to that end, I purchased a new camera. My old one, a Canon Powershot A430, was actually a graduation present from high school, which dates it just a bit. It wasn’t all that bad, actually, but it certainly wasn’t good, and it didn’t have enough knobs to to twiddle for my liking, or as much zoom as I wished for. I picked up a Canon Powershot SX 130 IS on sale for $215, and I’m quite happy with it. Although I didn’t consider this much when purchasing it, I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the video mode. I was also rather amused by the suggestion in the quickstart guide that if your computer was too old to play back 720p video, you should transfer it back to the camera and watch it there. From the phrasing, I assume that the intent was to stop people from thinking their camera had malfunctioned if the video playback stuttered and dropped frames all over the place.

If you’d like you can check out my gallery over at Flickr, although as I write this I realize that only one photo yet posted there was actually taken with the new camera.

That’s all for now. Hopefully I can come up with some more “normal” posts later.

- Ffej

Oh yeah, and P.S. regarding the footnote two posts back, I did finish off the code for the KFilePlaces* Activity support, but unfortunately due to being swamped with school, it didn’t make the freeze, and is in fact still sitting on ReviewBoard. :( But it works!

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Filters Woo

8th Order Butterworth Filter Response



Our Oscilloscopes can’t measure the response over about 9000Hz, hence the garbage data. -160dB/Decade rolloff – Woo! 23 hours without sleep – not so much Woo.

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Death to the LightBox!

Just a quick note here, as I’m swamped in classes.  Pro-tip: If you can’t stand the new Facebook lightbox – especially on your phone – then just hit Ctrl+R, and it will load the old image page as usual. This works great on the N900, making browsing galleries sane again.

Update: On a tip from a friend, I tried out this Greasemonkey script, which not only allows you to kill the Lightbox permanently, but also adds a heck of a lot of good functionality and anti-annoyance features to Facebook. This can also be used on the N900 through the Greasemonkey port to microB (or whatever they call the stock Maemo browser these days). I think the package is in Extras-devel.

On an aside, I hear rumblings of KActivityConsumer & Friends moving to kdelibs/experimental, which would mean I could finally get my patch for KFilePlaces finished off and shipped. This would let you show Places that are relevant to your current activity, while conserving space when not needed. Yay!


KNotify Plugins (Or, “What I’ve been working on, now with details”)

I didn’t say much in my last post because I was still working things out.  Now I’m pleased to say that support for notification plugins has hit KNotify in KDE trunk as of last week.  The whole thing started when I was talking with some friends about an idea I’d been tossing around to forward notifications from my laptop/desktop to my N900 over the LAN, so that I wouldn’t miss important events when away frm the keyboard.  Aaron Seigo pointed out that the behaviour I wanted could be done nicely with KNotify, but that it currently required notification actions to be compiled in.  With a lot of help from him and others, I got going, and managed to get it done before the freeze.  I still have done no work towards my original idea, but I had some realizations while working on the code.  For one thing, notifications on the G15 keyboard’s auxiliary LCD are darn cool. :)  For another, it occurred to me that as KDE technologies move to the mobile world, and other non-traditional form-factors, there will be devices with blinky lights (OHAI, N900) , vibration motors, and who knows what other hardware that someone might want to utilize for notifications.  Now a vendor or developer can write a simple plugin and ship it for a specific device or use-case.

However… there is a caveat, and that is that there is currently no UI support for the extra plugins.  This means that for now you will have to enable plugins for each event individually by mucking around in configuration files.  I’ll be working on resolving this for 4.7.

If anyone wants to try writing plugins, it’s quite straightforward.  Start by taking a look at the example code here.

The important bits:

  • Derive from KNotifyPlugin, and link to libknotifyplugin
  • Implement the pure virtual KNotifyPlugin::optionName() method, and set it to return an identifying name for your plugin.  This is what will go in the “Action=” field in the config files
  • Implement KNotifyPlugin::notify(), and do whatever the heck you want to – it’s that simple.  If you want to make a robotic bunny jump up and down every time you receive an e-mail, do so – and send me a picture.
  • Make sure to include the macro at the bottom: e.g. K_EXPORT_KNOTIFY_METHOD(g15message, NotifyByG15Message), where “g15message” is the library name, and “NotifyByG15Message” is your plugin class name.
  • Once your plugin is installed, edit any fooapprc.notifyrc file in $kdeprefix/share/config, and add the name (as mentioned above) to the “Action=” field, optionally using |’s to separate multiple actions.

Comments appreciated, especially if you write any plugins.  Code is also appreciated at the Gitorious link above; the G15 plugin is rather rudimentary right now, for example, and could use some love.


P.S. If you like this, there’s a very lonely Flattr button sitting in the sidebar. *wink*



What I’ve been working on…

KNotify notifications on the Logitech G15v2 Keyboard

More on this later… :D

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